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About Us

We are a new type of advertising network that will broadcast your advertisements on a network of indoor digital billboards across the nation while sharing ad revenue with business locations and communities that support Business Board TV's. We have additional locations for advertising coming aboard every month, don't wait limited spaces available.

Advertise With BBTV

Reaching thousands of people in the community where people do business every day such as Fitness Centers, Restaurants, Salons, Barber Shops, Doctors Offices, Churches, Hotels, Community Center, and more. Our network delivers HI-RES Ads seen by customers every day.

Become A Location

BBTV is actively expanding their network while improving and enhancing your customer's experience.  It generates revenue for your location with no out of pocket expenses.  Let us install a BBTV system in your business location today.

Sponsor Locations

Sponsored systems are placed in business locations showcasing their Ads which are visible  on the right side of screen as long as the system is sponsored. 


Business Board TV allows you to showcase your products and/or services with vibrant static messages or impactful videos, all strategically placed in populated areas with captive audiences in other places like: Tire Shops, Grocery/Department Stores, Night Clubs, Dentist Office's, and more delivering your message directly to future customers/clients.

Build Advertisement
We will design your advertisements for you.
Upload Advertisement
Ads can be changed everyday and will rotate with limited other ads on location.
upgrade to video

Video ads provide spontaneous results captivating customers longer and better. 30 sec -10 min long.

pick showcase locations
Pick from locations strategically placed in populated areas were people associate for long periods of time.
become a business location

We’re looking for business locations that want to improve and enhance their visitor's experience while generating  revenue for your business by simply allowing our BBTV to be installed at your location.

Sponsor locations
Not all businesses are a right fit for a Business Board TV but you can sponsor a location with premium ad placement year round.
Business Board TV Locations
More locations will be added soon!
Perfect cuts

1968 S WW White Rd.  

San Antonio, TX 

(210) 333-1860

Perfect cuts 2

2206 S New Braunfels Ave, 

San Antonio TX 

(210) 227-2887

classic Box

We’re looking for business locations who would like to generate revenue at no cost just for allowing us to be installed at your location.

classic Box

We’re looking for business locations who would like to generate revenue at no cost just for allowing us to be installed at your location.

classic Box

We’re looking for business locations who would like to generate revenue at no cost just for allowing us to be installed at your location.


Who Designs My Ads?
Business Board TV will professionally design an Ad with your images and key text. We can also use your Ads that you have created, static or video as long as they fit the sizing and type requirements. 1024x615   .JPG
How Often Will My Ads Play?
Minimum 50 times a day per location that's playing a static messages and minimum 25-30 times when showcasing a video depending on the length.
Can I Choose Locations Where My Ads Showcase?
Yes. You can choose where your Ads Showcase. Target your audience.
Who Installs Equipment?
Business Board TV handles everything needed for professional installation. We also can use existing TV's if already installed on location.
Are There Discounts for Multiple Locations?
Yes, please contact us for discount.
Is There A Contract ?
For a Business Location, there is a one year contract agreement. There’s no cost to become a Business Location. For an Advertiser, there are no contracts. All commitments are month to month, however if you do a verbal commitment for one year, you get one free location and better pricing.

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San Antonio TX

and surrounding areas


Ph: (210) 274-0940


A Network Consultant has two duties and they are to build a network of Business Board TV"s and to get Ad sales for that network. For each Business Board TV you get installed you get a cash bonus and for every Ad sold into their network they get 50% commission each month for as long as these Ads run.

The larger your network, the more you can make in Ad sales. NO CAP!

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